Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Go through these Terms & Conditions carefully before using our site. You must be of legal age to use Wizard Academic Tutors. Once you order a service from our website, you confirm that you have read and agreed to all our Terms and Conditions. When you submit a request or pay for a service, you agree to be legally obligated to follow these Terms & Conditions to the latter.

Meaning of Our Terms “Website” “site” means Wizard Academic Tutors

“We,” “Our,” “Company,” refers to Wizard Academic Tutors

“Student,” “You,” “Yours,” “Customer,” “User,” “Client” means anyone uploading requirements, placing an order, and making payments on the site.

“Order” means the request for a service sent by a client to Wizard Academic Tutors. This includes specific instructions and sources to be used by the writer. An “Order” is the written request submitted by the client on our site in electronic form.

“Revision” refers to the request sent by the client for editing and correcting the final version of the paper.

“Editors” refers to the people in charge of assessing and protecting the quality of our clients’ papers.

“Writer,” “expert” refers to the person employed either full-time or part-time by the company to provide writing and research services to the clients, according to Wizard Academic Tutors.

“Customer Support,” “Customer Support Representative,” refers to the people responsible for answering and assisting clients with the order process or any concerns regarding our services.

Payment Policy

Once you place an order, you confirm that you agree to buy the academic service from Wizard Academic Tutors. We will only start to process your request once the payment is made and authorized.

Orders can be paid with debit cards, credit cards, or any other payment options offered by the company.

The payment for any academic service is calculated as per the company’s pricing, and the client needs to pay in advance. Wizard Academic Tutors is not held responsible for any commencement in service delivery until the payment is complete and verified.

Wizard Academic Tutors reserves the right to offer bonus and discount programs to our clients at our own discretion.

Revision Policy

Wizard Academic Tutors is committed to delivering reliable, top-quality writing services. However, there are rare instances where the client might not be satisfied with the final version of the paper. During this time, you can ask for edits or a revision.

You should note that we allow multiple revisions only during the first seven days after receiving your paper. After that, you will be charged extra.

In addition, you will incur extra charges if you add new instructions to your request that were not initially there.

Legal Liability

Wizard Academic Tutors is committed to offering high-quality academic writing services to all our clients. However, we have the right to limited liability when it comes to the value of the services we deliver. Therefore, we are not liable for any indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages suffered during/after the contract.

We are not responsible for any legal action or undesirable consequences that result from the clients’ misuse or use of Wizard Academic Tutors services.

As a client, you agree to defend Wizard Academic Tutors in case of any legal charges against us, and we are not to be held responsible for any fees or fines that occur.

Customer Liability

You have to provide all the project or assignment instructions while making an order request at Wizard Academic Tutors. You are accountable for providing every detail of the task assigned by the lecturer or teacher before the writer starts writing your paper. Once the project is ongoing or has already been completed, we will charge you extra for any additional requirements that were not indicated initially.