General Questions

  • What does academic writing service involve?

    Academic writing services specialize in writing designed for the educational and formal setting in academia. It is the type of writing mainly found in industry papers, essays, scholarly articles, college or university applications, academic journals, and research projects.

  • Why should I choose you?

    Wizard Academic Tutors strives to stay ahead of other academic writing services by offering highly researched and well-structured custom papers. We put all our customers first to ensure that you attain those high grades. We also have a team of highly qualified and experienced writers that ensures we deliver high-quality academic help. In addition, you can reach out to our customer support at any time of the day or night if you have any concerns or questions.

  • Do you offer any discounts?

    Yes, we do. We offer special packages that are highly discounted depending on the enormity of your task. We also offer discounts when you refer someone to use our services. Kindly contact our customer support team to learn about the various deals and whether you would qualify for one.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Yes. You will get a refund in case you fail your course. However, you have to submit proof for failing within a month after receiving your paper. Please take a look at our detailed refund policy in our Terms and Conditions sector.

  • Can you handle extremely urgent projects?

    Yes. We can deliver an assignment in just 4 hours if it is not highly complex, and most short essays are usually done in just 2 hours. However, this will depend on the complexity of the paper. If the task requires extensive research, we suggest you place an order earlier to ensure you receive quality work.

  • Can I contact you at any time?

    Yes. Feel free to reach out to us any time of day or night. We have a highly professional customer support team that is readily available to handle all your concerns and questions at any time. Our live chat service allows you to get clarity and answers to your concerns instantly. You can also reach us via email.

  • What if the subject I need help with is not listed on your site?

    We offer academic service in every subject or field taught in university, college, or high school. If you can't find a subject in our services list, simply contact us, and we'll be happy to help.

Questions Regarding Our Services

  • Is it legal to use this site?

    Of course! wizardacademictutors.com works with students with fewer resources and little time to excel in their courses. Our 100% original academic papers enable such students to make the best of their studies and future career prospects. Using our site to help you juggle school and social life without compromising on either is the perfect way to succeed.

    However, you should note that we only offer these services to people in countries that allow students to pay for academic assistance. Therefore, if you are in a region where paper buying is illegal, we will not allow you to buy from us. We have even taken measures to block users from countries that prohibit buying academic services.

  • What are your services?

    We offer a variety of academic writing services, including essay writing, dissertation writing, thesis writing, presentation, case studies, law, assignments in various subjects taught in college, university, or high school, among others. Visit our services page to find out more.

  • How much will my project cost?

    We have an inbuilt calculator on our site that allows you to check the price of your project before placing an order. The cost highly depends on the number of pages, requirements, and urgency of your paper. If you have any questions, you can reach out to our customer support anytime for a quick quote. We understand that as a student, your budget can be tight; hence, we are committed to offering high-quality academic services at lower prices.

  • What are the terms of payment?

    When placing your order, you have to make either partial or full payments before a writer can work on your paper. It is important to note that if you make partial payments, you will need to pay the whole amount first before you receive your assignment.

  • Can you deliver quality work on any type of academic task?

    Yes, we can. Our writers have in-depth knowledge of a variety of topics and subjects. We will always allocate your project to the most suitable writer who specializes in that area.

    We also have a team of editors responsible for ensuring your paper matches your specific instructions. They oversee the quality of each project by making sure that it is structurally and grammatically correct and 100% original. Even though our writers have to do the first check once they complete a task, our editors have to go through it again following our strict and comprehensive Quality Checklist. This ensures we always deliver work that meets our client's specifications.

    If you are still unsure, you can go through our testimonials from previous clients.

  • How long does it take a writer to complete a project?

    At Wizardacademictutors.com, we strive to deliver your tasks on time without asking for extensions or giving excuses. We mainly aim to submit an assignment within 24 hours or less once your order has been confirmed for standard projects. However, for tasks that need extensive research, we ask that you give the writer sufficient time to work on it so that you get a high-quality paper.

  • Do you resell papers after you have delivered them?

    Never! This will damage our reputation as we pride ourselves on delivering unique and personalized papers to each of our clients. Your paper stays in our database for only a couple of months, after which we delete it permanently.

Questions on Privacy, Security, and Other Guarantees

  • Do you guarantee my privacy?

    All the information we get from you is stored in strict privacy. We strongly believe in user privacy and strive to uphold the confidentiality of all your personal data while you use our site or while placing an order. As such, we do not disclose client information to third parties. Check out our detailed privacy policy.

  • Is the transaction process secure?

    Absolutely! Our transaction process is easy and safe to use. We work with top-notch and highly renowned payment processors to make the payment process efficient and fast without compromising your security. We do not save any of your personal information, such as debit or credit card numbers, on our servers for your safety.

  • Will you deliver my project on time?

    Yes! Once you place your order, one of our writers will start working on it immediately. We have a vast team of highly trained and experienced writers who handle various projects efficiently even when pressed with time and still deliver quality work. In most cases, we will submit your project ahead of time to give you ample time to go through it and ensure it's okay.

  • Will my project be 100% Original?

    Definitely! All our papers and projects are tailored to your specific instructions. We write content from scratch to meet all your unique requirements. We ensure nothing is plagiarised by scanning each paper through plagiarism checker software that detects any copied statement or content before submitting the work to you.

  • What happens if I don't like my paper?

    Kindly let us know what you don't like specifically and ask for a revision. We offer unlimited revisions and edits as long as you file a request within seven days of receiving your paper. We are extremely committed to customer satisfaction; hence we would do everything possible to ensure you are pleased with the product.

  • How do you guarantee that a writer will follow all my instructions?

    Our writers have been in the field for a long time, so they have the expertise needed to deliver a project according to the requirements. They will first go through your instructions in order to conduct research and write from scratch. This ensures that your paper is 100% original and customized to your instructions. Our experts also use well-referenced and reputable resources to avoid plagiarism and fact-check information.

Questions about Our Writers

  • Are your writers qualified?

    We have a vast network of expert writers from around the world. All our writers hold Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. degrees from renowned universities. They also have extensive experience working in the academic writing field; hence, they provide top-notch papers that are up to par with the industry and academic standards. Their in-depth knowledge in the field allows them to produce 100% original, well-researched, and customized dissertations, assignments, essays, theses, and other papers on a variety of topics.

  • How do you ensure that the right writer is writing my order?

    Once you place your order, we select the writer that is best suited to complete your project. We have different writers specializing in various subjects and courses; hence your paper will be done by someone with in-depth knowledge and experience in the topic.